Stephen Hatcher’s Supplier List

Professional woodturner Stephen Hatcher demonstrated to our club in March, 2016 and shared with us the following list of his preferred suppliers.

Wood Products
Wood Fiber Veneers
Ebony Guitar Fingerboards
Other Fingerboards
Gaboon Ebony Lumber (for lids and feet)

Tape & Clamping
Epoxy Filler Guide (reference)
410 Microlight (Microballoon Thickener for Epoxy)
G/Flex Epoxy (best for dissimilar materials like wood & magnets)
Epoxy Scale (for small quantities)
Small Disc Magnets (get N42 type)
Velcro Conversion
SuperGrits has a great catalog.  Download the entire catalog and look at the bottom line of catalog page 39 for conversion rolls.
Angle grinder Sanding Pad to Drill Adapters, Sanding Pads, and Sandpaper
Vince’s Wood N’ Wonders carries excellent products in my opinion.  You have to call and request the 5/8″ angle grinder to 1/4″ shaft adapters to use that type of sanding pad without an angle grinder.
Small Sanding Mandrels & Pad
 1″ sanding mandrels and 1″ velcro discs  are what I use with the Dremel right angle adapter.
Discounted Dremel Attachments and Burrs
Additional Resources
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