Sawdust Sessions

Sawdust Sessions are opportunities for members to meet as a small group and receive instruction on one or more woodturning techniques. These activities are particularly ideal for new woodturners seeking to enhance their skill set.  [Featured: guest demonstrator, Glenn Lucas]

COVID-19 UPDATE: Since the pandemic, the Seattle Woodturners have suspended in-person monthly meetings and have begun hosting meetings virtually via Zoom. Interested guests and prospective members can contact us to request a meeting link. As of May 2022, we will begin to transition toward hybrid meetings, offering members opportunities to participate in person or via Zoom. Check our calendar for more details.


When and where are Sawdust Sessions held?

Sawdust Sessions typically occur on Saturdays and are announced in the club’s current newsletter, and also shown in the upcoming events. Location may vary; however, they usually occur at Russ Prior’s shop located in Woodinville.

Can I attend a Sawdust Session if I am not a Seattle Woodturner Club member?

Sawdust Sessions are organized to support club members only. You are encouraged to join our club to access this benefit, as well as all other benefits that we offer. [Featured: member, David Lutrick]

What do I bring to a Sawdust Session?

safety_100Attendees should bring their own safety equipment including eye and dust protection. In addition, you should expect to bring your own set of tools relevant to the Sawdust Session topic. The club provides lathes (with chucks, tool rests, etc.), and a standard Wolverine-based grinder for sharpening.

How are Sawdust Sessions different from hands-on events?

Hands-on events usually require both a reservation and a fee to attend, and are taught by professional demonstrators. For example, recent hands-on demonstrators include Glenn Lucas, Steven Hatcher, and Eric Lofstrom. [Featured: member, David Lutrick]

Do I pay to attend a Sawdust Session?

Most Sawdust Sessions are free of charge; however, in certain cases, you may be asked to provide a nominal fee to cover material cost.

Do I need to make a reservation to attend a Sawdust Session?

The club has limited equipment and shop space to host large groups simultaneously. That said, Sawdust Sessions having a popular topic or interest may require you making a reservation. Announcements from our Program Director regarding reservations are made a monthly meetings,  published in the club’s current newsletter, and also shown in the upcoming events.

I have additional questions. Who can I contact for more information?

The club’s Director of Programs organizes, coordinates, and schedules both Sawdust Sessions and hands-on events. Contact the Director of Programs at monthly meetings, or via email as listed in the club’s current newsletter or leadership page.

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