Woodturning mini-Symposium

Seattle Woodturners Present:
Woodturning mini-Symposium
Thursday, October 13, 2022
7:00 PM to 9:30 PM
Mercer Island Presbyterian Church*
3605 84th Ave SE
Mercer Island, WA 98040
Free and Open to the Public

Come! Watch and interact with wood artisans as they demonstrate their skills!

Lathe Demo1: David Lutrick -Symmetrical Patterns

David Lutrick will show his technique for using router bits to cut symmetrical patterns on the surfaces of turned pieces and for making rosettes and star-burst medallions without ornamental turning machines. 

Lathe Demo 2: Gary Ocher – Working with Green Wood

Come watch how to hone your bowl turning skills using green wood. You can learn about working on smooth and efficient cuts, mounting the bowl safely to the lathe, and the best way to shape a bowl. This demonstration will give you a good understanding of the process from blank to bowl, and is intended for newer turners or those new to green wood. Questions are highly encouraged!

Lathe Demo 3: Earl Bartell – Turn an Inlay Box

Walk away from this demo with confidence in how to turn a box with an inlay. Earl will prepare inlay material that contrasts the wood by creating a small recess in the lid that will house the inlay. Once the inlay is prepared, the rest of the box will be turned to completion. This demonstration will cover box making techniques, contrasting inlay material, fitting parts together, and jam-fitting techniques

Carving with Elizabeth Weber

Learn to alter the shape and texture of any piece using woodcarving and woodburning to achieve different surface quality. This demonstration will include handtools, rotary tools, and a woodburner. We’ll discuss holding devices and the process of taking a concept and translating it to a finished piece.

Piercing with Joe Cornell

Learn the art of piercing a turned vessel. Joe will have pieces in various stages of completion and will show you several different styles of piercing, as well as talk about tools, hole size, shape, and placement. He will also demonstrate how he lays out a design and then the techniques he uses to detail his pieces using woodburning. 

Bowl Carving with Kaylyn Messer

This demonstration investigates the Scandinavian techniques and tradition of hand carving wooden bowls from green, or freshly cut, wood. You will see how to use traditional hand tools of the bowl carver – axe, gouge, and knife – to shape and finish a wooden bowl.

Pole Lathe with Mary Tripoli

Come experience a wonderfully simple hand built machine. Using only your leg and a wooden pole to power it, you’ll get to see how your whole body must work together to make a useable bowl. You can even discuss how the tools were designed and forged in a blacksmith shop and how they are maintained.

Woodburning with Randi Aiken

Explore the power and versatility of the simple (burnt) line to create texture, volume, rhythm and movement. From lettering to abstract patterns, no surface needs to remain too plain!

Tool Sharpening with Russ Prior

This demonstration will have a sharpening station with two grinders and different jigs available for sharpening lathe tools. Various bench stones will also be available for honing. Bring your tools and try it out!

Resin Casting/Epoxy/Dyeing with Tim Tibbetts and Andy Firpo

This is mostly an information session with equipment, supplies, and stabilized/cast items on display. We will have some limited demonstrations. The stabilization process is slow, but we may be able to cast some items during the session and provide limited hands-on.

Coloring and Finishing with Tom Henscheid

Elevate your piece by putting on non-traditional finishes. Tom will be covering some fun and whacky ways to apply color to any of your turned items.

* Be There or Be Square!
This event will not be streamed online

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