Who represents the leadership team for Seattle Woodturners?

The Board of Directors (also known as Officers) are represented by a set of 11 volunteers who are elected by the Seattle Woodturners club members. Each Officer serves a two-year term. Among other things, our By-Laws serve to document and describe our charter, organizational structure, and general processes that support club functions.

Officer Name Contact
President Russ Prior russcprior@gmail.com
Vice President Earl Bartell earlturns@aol.com
Treasurer  Robin Brown  seattleaawt@gmail.com
Secretary Dorothé Reijnders secretary@seattlewoodturners.org
Director of Programs Elizabeth Weber elizabeth.carls@gmail.com
Director of Communication Joe Cornell joeswoodart@gmail.com
 Director of Membership Louis Frantz louisfrantz56@gmail.com
 Member at Large #1  Barry Roitblat  barry@rentonww.com
 Member at Large #2 Randi Aiken idnar.nekia@gmail.com
 Member at Large #3 Gary Ocher turnwithgary@gmail.com
 Member at Large #4 Audrey Yeoh ayeohmy@gmail.com

When do the Officers meet?

Our Officers meet once a month 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, two Tuesdays before the regularly scheduled monthly meeting. In addition to elected Officers, one or more committee volunteers attend the Board of Directors meeting.

All club members are welcome to attend a Board of Directors meeting. Reach out to any Officer (above) via email or use the contact us page if you would like to attend a meeting. We always welcome your ideas regarding how we can improve the club.

Who else volunteers for the club?

In addition to the Board of Directors, there are many other volunteers operating behind the scenes that regularly help with numerous club functions. You can find the complete list of volunteers in this recent newsletter.

Can I volunteer my skills and/or help the club?

Absolutely! As an all-volunteer organization, we greatly rely on our many members who generously donate their time, effort, and expertise to our club. We also encourage you to match your volunteer work with your interests, passions, and skills, so that you enjoy it. We find that when we volunteer, we not only support our club but also build social connections and forge friendships.

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